My Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Review

As I write this review, I am reviewing my new purchase off of eBay, a Logitech G15 Gaming keyboard with flip up LCD screen.

Logitech g15 gaming keyboard

I like the look of the keyboard, and I love the fact that it has three sets of eighteen programmable G keys for macros, as well as different profiles for different games. I love the fact that the flip up lcd screen is easy to read, and I love the functions that are a part of the keyboard and the lcd screen interface area. There are a few things I don’t like, but I will get to those later. It also has unpowered USB inerfaces (1.1 I think, ot USB 2.0) and LED backlit keys.

The eighteen G keys . Why do they call this the G15? Why not call it the Logitech G18 Gaming Keyboard? I mean there are three sets of eighteen macro “G” keys. Setting them up in the manager for it us easy. you just have to remember to tell the command to hit ENTER. Yes, I forgot this earlier, and just had the command there in the chat window. Now the game I am using is CITY OF HEROES from NCSoft. Recording the macro is just as easy as 1, 2, 3. If the macro is not in the presets for the game, then you click the ADD button to add a new macro. After you name it, click the START RECORDING MACRO button. As you type in what the macro is supposed to do, it is displayed. When you get done with it, hit stop recording. There, simple and direct. that’s how I like my macro recording. With these, you type in the macro like you would in the game. For example in COH, to record a macro to activate the power NOVA and say, BOOM! you would issue the collowing command

/macro NOVA “powexec_name nova$$local “BOOM!”

That would place a round macro in one of your empty toolbars to click. Now, on the G keys, you select which g key you want, you start to create , click start recording and then type poexec_name$$local BOOM!

That will have that on a g key then , instead of taking up space on the HUD.

Now, let’s move on to the LCD screen and stuff there. You can check the wikipedia site for the Logitech G15 and see what programs it supports. I am going to talk about the TeamSpeak client interface and the programs that are on the LCD from the get go. First of all, LCD CLOCK is just the local and date. Simple! Performace monitor gives you the current CPU and Memory usage. NEAT! Finally, the POP 3 checker checks your m email. This doesn’t delete them off the server, unless you delete them with this interface. Finally that moves me to the TeamSpeak client (there is one for Ventrilo, but I’ve not looked into it). This shows you various stuff, like the last few people to connect or disconnect. It can also show you who is talking at that time. It also shows all users connected to the server. Now, there are buttons to set yourself away, muted, and such. However, don’t get carried away with them. You will get a ban form the server. I found this out on TS this past weekend. LOL.

Now, let’s move on the options I don’t like.

I do not like the footprint of the keyboard. It is wider than I like. on my desk, I tend to eat food as well at times. With my old Zboard and normal keyboard, I tend to slide them under the small shelf where my two monitors are setting. With the G15, I can’t do that because it’s too wide.

I also hate the fact that if you do not use the backlit keys, you have a harder time to see which keys are which. Sadly tho, I still need to see what keys are what until I get the layout down in my head.

The next dislike is based on my desk, and not the keyboard. But, I need to have the keyboard out further than I like to use the lcd screen. I have a tray that turns out from my desk that hold pends and little whatnots. I know all I need to do is take it off, but I have been too busy to do that lately.

All in all, the keyboard is REALLY good. The pros for this outweighs most of the bads. However, it’s still a pricey keyboard new. I mean, I’ve still seen the original “gaming” keyboard still around one hundred dollars. And the revised version still around that price. I am going to give this keyboard a rating 8.5 out of 10.