Wii Update 12/10/07

For Wii Owners there is a new update for your Wii today, most Wii owners recently received a message from Nintendo or might get one soon that says that theres update and a new option of giving a Virtual Console games as gifts also that theres a Update to the Photo Channel. First you will update the Wii, then when you go to the Wii Shop Channel and go buy Virtual Console games there will be a option to give a game as a gift also the new update for the Photo Channel Verison 1.1 will be under Wii Ware. The update for the Photo Channel includes choosing a picture from the Photo Channel and having that as the icon and start page of the Channel on the Wii Menu and being able to play ACC-format music files when you are playing slide shows. Speaking of Wii Menu icons the Wii Shop Channel gets a new icon and start page too. So be on the look out for the update if you liked what you read.