Great deals on Video Games at Circuit City this week

I was checking out this weeks ad for Circuit City and found some great deals this week. Keep in mind that this is from where I live in California but might be the same for your area so check your weekly ad.

For anyone that hasn’t yet gone out to get Call of Duty 4 but was planning to get it soon then your in luck right now the game is $39.99 at Circuit City so thats a savings of 20 dollars now thats a really good deal for this new game, this deal is also good for Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground if you wanted to get that game too this deal is for the Xbox 360 version of the games.

Now for anyone who has PS3 and that watches alot of movies whether its DVDs or Blue Ray the Sony Blue-ray Bluetooth Remote is on sale for 19.99 which is $5 off from the normal price.

For anyone that wanted a Wii Zapper that comes with a free Link’s (from Legend of Zelda series) Crossbow Training game is $5 dollars off for $19.99 also the Nyko charge system for Wii great so you don’t have to get batteries and you can just charge your remote on a stand is $5 dollars off too for $24.99

Good deals for all you Gamer’s out there like me so go check them out.