Surgery :(

I have mentioned before that my dad is 92 years old.  He is very lucky as he still is fairly active, lives in his own home and has  all four of his children who live within 30 miles willing to help him, plus some grandkids are close by too.

Well, today he had to have cataract surgery on his right eye.  Generally, this type of surgery has become pretty routine but Dad is a special case.  He has only one eye that is his, the other is a glass eye.  When he was a young boy, he, his brothers and some friends found a dynamite cap and decided they would hit it to see what would happen.  It exploded and hit my father in the eye causing him blindness in the left eye.  (As bad as that was, the boys were lucky no one lost their life.) 

When I think of the above situation and other stories my dad tells us about what he did as a kid, as a mother, my head spins.  He tells of going off to hunt in the woods, or swim in the river, or disappearing a day at a time to play baseball, coming home only at night to eat.  While all these activities sound so dangerous, I know my grandmother was a very good mother.  I just have to remember that in my dad’s day and age, kids weren’t watched over every second of the day.  And that also there was no TV, PC, PlayStation, or Wii to keep kids at home and inside.  He, his brothers and friends had to make their own entertainment and that meant outdoors and probably situations that included guns to hunt with and knives to whittle with! 

In today’s world, kids spend almost every moment under watchful eyes.  This is a necessity precaution as the potential for danger is as real today as in my father’s day, only in different ways.  It is really kind of sad though as I sometimes wonder if the carefree Huckleberry Finn existence of yesteryear didn’t spark more of a child’s imagination as they had to cultivate it in order to entertain themselves (preferably in non-dangerous ways!). 

Well, I digress from Dad’s surgery.  All went well even though he was basically blind for the day with a patch over his right eye and blindness in his left.  However, I and my brothers and sister were taking good care of him.

Hey, have a really awesome weekend and don’t forget to save some time out just for yourself!!


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