Cyber Geek Movies

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I am a huge movie fan, and also a Cyber Geek.   Here is a list of some of my favorite movies that I consider Cyber geek.   What are your favorites?

·         The Fifth Element

·         Serenity

·         War Games

·         Office Space

·         X-Men

·         Star Wars – All

·         Star Trek – All

·         Sneakers

·         Hackers

·         Tron

·         Dr. Strangelove

·         Lord Of The Rings – All

·         The Princess Bride

·         Shaun Of The Dead

·         Ghostbusters – All

·         Goonies

·         Real Genius

·         Revenge Of The Nerds – All

·         Short Circuit

·         Transformers

·         Matrix – All

·         Weird Science

·         Back To The Future – All

·         Planet of the Apes – All Originals

·         Spaceballs

·         Stargate


  1. Seaumas2 says:

    Here a few more cybergeek movies: The Genius Club (Tim Che film), Steal This Film (doc), We Are Legion (doc), all of the Triumph of the Nerds (frosh nerds) , Goldeneye (James Bond), Existenz, GATTACA (superpeople), Artificial Intelligence (robot child), All the Matrix (Sci-fi), Hackers II (doc), Headhunters (swed). Also, a couple about Linux and the whole GNU/FSF revolution. There are plenty more I think I’ll post later.