Andrei Kirilenko Burning Bridges with the Utah Jazz

It could become very ugly very quickly. Andrei Kirilenko wants to separate from the Utah Jazz:

“Andrei Kirilenko is so prepared to leave the Utah Jazz, he’s willing to forsake the remaining $63 million of his contract to play overseas.

According to a translation by The Salt Lake Tribune, Kirilenko said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Sport Express that he is prepared to go without the money remaining on his NBA contract to get away from the Jazz.”

link: Kirilenko ‘ready’ to leave NBA, $63M contract

Perhaps Mr Kirilenko is at the point where sixty three million dollars is no longer that important. Most NBA fans cannot relate to such stratospheric numbers. However, if the statements attributes to Mr Kirilenko indeed are true, then he certainly has burnt some bridges with the Utah Jazz. Mr Kirilenko also has added to Commissioner Stern’s stress. Here is a international star turning his back on the NBA. This does not make product promotion any easier – nor is it healthy for Commissioner Stern’s blood pressure.

Catherine Forsythe

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