Red Hat Quietly Adds To Its Customer Base

Red Hat seems to be a company that everyone knows, but no one thinks about anymore. Its brethren from Ubuntu, SuSE, Slackware, and Mandriva get so much press coverage, while Fedora, the offshoot of Red Hat gets a little, and Red Hat itself slides completely under the radar these days.

Last week some major deals were inked by the rouge chapeau-wearers from Virginia.

The French Ministry for Education moved 2,500 servers to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The French had previously made a decision to move away from proprietary software and vendor lock down. The Ministry now has over 3,000 servers running RHEL, with all the software used in daily operation being open source.

Another major deal was made with the, which is a portal for the Swedish Association of Pharmaceuticals industry. This deal was a change from Solaris to RHEL. The main concern by the company was covering its approximately 4 million online visitors each month.

The Red Hat brand continues to be the largest installed base of Linux in business, and just keeps growing.

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