How Good is Your Antivirus Program?

Depending on which vendor you use, may not be as protected as you think. According to this article on the ClamAV website, only three vendors prevailed:

On August 8th at LinuxWorld, network gateway vendor Untangle performed an all-out public test of different anti-virus vendors to see how they really compare.

In an antivirus “fight club” conducted in front of an audience at the show, 10 antivirus products were confronted with 25 viruses, many submitted by members of the audience. The goal: to see whether the AV tools would catch ‘em all.

The “winners” in last night’s contest were ClamAV, Kaspersky and Symantec. All three tools caught 100 percent of the viruses they encountered. F-Prot and Sophos caught 94 percent; McAfee caught 89 percent; and GlobalHauri, Fortinet, and SonicWall caught 61 percent.

Being an Open Source advocate, I’m running ClamAV and while it’s no surprise, I’m glad to know that I’m well-protected.

Besides, you can’t beat the price and ClamAV doesn’t hog all my system resources.

The Geek

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