13 Awesome Extensions for Firefox

Firefox has been my web browser for a couple years now, and I honestly cannot imagine using any other browser. It’s versatility and Lego style extensions make me feel like a geek in a toy store. Every few months, I head over to Mozilla’a Firefox Add-ons, and search through whatever new extensions are available. My largest problem is controlling myself, as I currently have 38 active add-ons. Many of these extensions I use on a regular basis, but a few I find come in handy on rare occasions…but what would I do if they weren’t there? I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the new Firefox 3 to leave alpha stage, as I hear it will be much lighter on resources. Just think, more add-on capacity! Here are some of my current favorite extensions…

*Configuration Mania: This extension is accessible through your Tools menu, and has an incredible array of advanced settings. If you aren’t hip to tweaking your Firefox manually, this is the extension for you!

*Customize Google: I am not personally into all of Google’s bells and whistles, but for those of you who are, this extension will help you configure how you want to view your Google preferences. Search without ads, enable filters, stream search results, and a host of possibilities. My personal reason for this extension is privacy. I can disable click tracking, and anonymize my Google cookie ID.

*Dictionary Tooltip: This one is wonderful, as I never have to open a page to view a word’s definition or spelling. Double click on a word, and presto…a pop up window appears with my results.

*Firefox Menu Buttons: Firefox has many cool features which are often only accessible through keyboard shortcuts or opening a menu. However, with this extension, they are available with just a click of a button, located on your toolbar. One of my favorite buttons is the search icon, which instantly makes it possible for me to find whatever I am looking for on a page.

*ForecastFox: This is a really cool extension, especially when you live in a rainy place like Seattle Washington! Able to be placed on any bar in your browser is an instant picture of the current weather conditions, conditions for the rest of the day, and the forecast for as many days as you like! I have mine set up for three days in advance, using only icons, and balloon tips available to give me the details. It takes up very little space, and I a always know when to head out with my umbrella!

*Generate Numly copyright. For those of you who are writers, vloggers, etc., this is the bomb. Just right click, and an option comes up *Numly Numbers*. Click, and a pop up window will take your basic information on the current item you are working on. An electronic serial number is then given to your work, and options given as to what kind of copyright you would like.

*IE Tab: This one I recently found to be quite useful. Occasionally you will find a page that does not support Firefox, and you are unable to view the page, or use it’s features. When this occurs, merely click a little Firefox icon at the bottom of the page…and instantly your Firefox will be seen on the web as Internet Explorer. All features will then be available to you.

*PDF Download: If you want easy access to PDF files, this is the extension for you. Opens them in a new window, or in an external application, depending on your taste.

*Scrapbook: Want to save that information? Make notes? Take a screen shot? Then Scrapbook is the perfect tool! It organizes your notes, saves web pages, and is available whenever you need it in a handy sidebar.

*Sage: A handy RSS reader…simple, basic, and easy to use.

*Tab Mix Plus: This is a feature I can’t imagine any Firefox user going without. Completely control how your tabbed browsing functions; one never could imagine so many possibilities! My family can’t stand how my tabs are set up…good thing they have their own computers!

*UI Tweaker: This little gem allows me to configure my Firefox UI to my personal taste…which I will admit is quite complex! If you are picky, make sure you get this extension!

*Unplug: Allows you to save embedded video and audio on almost any web page…very cool!

Well, there are just a *few* of my favorite Firefox extensions. Good thing I just put together a faster system…I’m going to need it!

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