Much Ado About Something

In many online articles of the last few weeks much has been made of the heretofore little known candidate for President, Ron Paul.

He is not leading in the polls, but he is gaining notoriety. The kind of notoriety not seen since the campaign of another scrappy little guy named Ross Perot. In the same vein, Mr. Paul leaves the doomsaying and muckraking to others in the field, preferring to speak of the things he feels are important or necessary now.

Each time he appears in the company of the other hopefuls, he puts forth points which make sense to all reasonable persons, yet is forced to the periphery by those more adept at oration.

In the analysis of the debate earlier this week, many are easily swayed by the ease with which Giuliani dismissed the power fluctuations that stole time from his speaking, or the sartorial splendor of Romney. Most, when speaking about substance, gave high marks to Mr. Paul, who puts forth his ideas with a minimum of fanfare.

It also appears that there is a small roots level following, moving with deliberate speed, to make sure nothing espoused by Mr Paul will go unnoticed. They are quick to post on sites allowing free exchange. This is starting to get noticed on portal sites like MSN. Perhaps a swell is starting.

This can only be a good thing for everyone. Plain talk and intelligent ideas are what we need, and if they come from the right of center, it might make those who hang in that neighborhood take notice.

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