Remote Desktop For Your PPC

I have a Pocket PC phone (WM5) and I use it a lot. I wanted a way to be able to view and control the phone from the desktop (i.e. I wanted my PPC phone to show up on the desktop and have everything on its screen “clickable” from the desktop).

I had two reasons for this: first, I generally access my desktop from my laptop via remote desktop. I do this because I don’t like my office that much and I’m too lazy to go downstairs to the main machine. Remote Desktop works pretty well but I still have to go downstairs to see if anyone called me so It’d be nice to be able to access the phone while I access the desktop through remote desktop. Secondly I want to make some training videos with Camtasia. I’ve got some cool techniques for taking notes during phone calls, adding contacts based on a phone call log, making calendar entries that, when synced with outlook, become billable in office accounting, etc.

I searched and searched for something and only found using the mobile device to control the desktop through terminal server (remote desktop). after a few hours some mobile device MVPs turned me on to this: which is cool, but expensive and more than I needed. finally, I stumbled across this.

While not mentioned specifically, it works fine with WM5. Just download and run the software with your PPC cradled, make sure there’s not steps you need to do on the PPC screen. Run the app on your PPC (take the default settings), then fire it up on your desktop.

Voila! You’ve got a kind of remote desktop for your PPC.

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  • dean jackson

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