Tips for Becoming a Better Blogger

Lifehack provides 101 on-target tips for becoming a better blogger. 101 feels like a lot, but try to do a couple things a day. Don’t think about doing all 101, but motivate yourself to do something as simple as “Do one thing every day to improve my blogging skills.”

I’ve been blogging for seven years. It’s easier now than it was seven years ago. When I started on June 1, 2000, I didn’t post on a daily basis. In fact, I went a few months without posting anything. Now I feel guilty if I don’t blog at least five times a week on InformIT and on meryl’s notes.

It’s really OK if you don’t post something five times a week. Two or three times a week works. The blogosphere is crowded and the audience spreads across the board. A few talented bloggers manage to pick up a big chunk of readers. Those same blogs tend to have updates many times a day. But that doesn’t mean you need to do it, too. It depends on your blog and its purpose. As a one-gal business, a blog helps me with the following:

  • Practice writing on a daily basis. Writing becomes easier over time doing this.
  • Attract search engines thanks to the regularly updated content.
  • Share knowledge so my clients and potential clients get to know me.
  • Participate in online conversations by linking and commenting on useful articles, posts and Web sites.
  • Network.
  • Talk with others through comments and trackback.

I’m sure I overlooked a few more benefits. What other benefits do you get from blogging or reading blogs? Does blogging work for business-to-business businesses? Some say no and closed their blogs. Others say yes. Though my clients are mostly B2B, I don’t count my blogs as B2B blogs. Why? I was afraid you’d ask that. Not an easy thing to explain. Or do you disagree?

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