Back on XP

Much like someone else, I’m back on XP. Vista completely blew up on me last week, and it was the latest frustration in a string of problems I’ve had. I was using my laptop fine at home one morning, and when I packed up to go to work, I actually shut down rather than hibernated (which is what I usually do). When I started up after getting to work, I had a black background and all my applications treated themselves as new installs. Something was seriously wrong with my AppData folder. Between that, the “open dialog” problem, and a few other issues I had, I’ve decided to go back to XP as my primary OS for a while. I have my system set up to dual boot the two operating systems, but after five months of using Vista I’m ready to not have to figure out so many things to use my computer the same ways I always have.

In doing all this I also started using Second Copy. I’ve been looking for something easy and out of the way to keep my VP’s laptop in sync with our server. His primary PC is a laptop, and he docks it when he’s in the office. He complained when I had XP’s offline folders setup. It doesn’t work as well as I’d like it to. Vista’s got better offline support, but I don’t plan on going there for a while. Second Copy does the job nicely. I’ve got it setup on my laptop to sync my local documents folder with one on our file server every two hours. I’ve also set up our VPN connection so it’ll dial that before syncing and hang up when it’s done, so it works regardless of where I am. It’s stayed out of the way and I think it’ll give me peace of mind once I get it installed on the VP’s laptop.

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