France Goes Public With Its UFO Files

sacre bleu!I guess France has been keeping a watchful, wine-blearied eye on its borders for the last half century just in case Germany tries any more funny stuff and, in so doing, has made some pretty interesting observations. Today France is, shall we say, surrendering this information to public scrutiny. Maybe Agent Mulder was working for the wrong government? Grif at Associated Content writes:

To date, countries around the world have been very tight lipped about the UFO information they possessed, trying their best to keep it from the general public. Today France made a bold move by becoming the first country in the world to make its official UFO files available to the public.

The information has been made available today through a new Web site developed by the French national space agency. The UFO information revealed occurs during a fifty-year time span and includes 1,600 sightings…

But be warned!

The Web site is currently extremely busy and the unexpected large amounts of traffic cause the server to crash shortly after launch. It has a wealth of information that would interest even the mildly intrigued. Expect the site to be busy and a little slow until it can make adjustments to service the traffic. At the moment you visitors to the site will be able to look at around 400 UFO cases. The rest of the files will be added over the next few months. [Source: Associated Content]

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