Wind River Flying High With Linux

DSO software is really gain some traction based on this recent piece from Take a look for yourself, you might be shocked at how well this market is really doing.

Software developer Wind River Systems has been getting some traction lately, as seen with the strength of its second-quarter results. On the news, the stock price rose 6% to $10.83. But the big issue is whether the company can sustain this growth.

In the second quarter, revenues increased 10% to $73.5 million; unfortunately, like many tech companies, Wind River is in the midst of a voluntary audit of its stock options program and as a result, provided only preliminary information on its bottom line. The good news is that the company expects to resolve matters soon and meet the deadline for the filing of its 10-Q form.
Founded in 1981, Wind River is a leader in the device software optimization (DSO) space. Think of DSO as an operating system for a cell phone, a car’s infotainment system, or even
NASA’s Mars Rover. Over 300 million devices use Wind River’s software, and customers include biggies like Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola…. Source:

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