Mobile technologies and social coordination in urban environments

As things progress, I suspect that we are going to be seeing the consistent blend of all things mobile and social.

In the last issue of the Receiver, there is a paper by Lee Humphreys about mobile technologies and social coordination in urban environments which is of great interest to my research.

Starting from Rich Ling & Birgitte Yttri’s seminal work about that question (see the paper “Nobody sits at home and waits for the telephone to ring:” Micro and hyper-coordination through the use of the mobile telephone), she is investigating “how people use mobile phones within their social networks in the course of their everyday lives“. What is interesting is that tit does not only described coordination patterns but “also the subtle communicative exchanges used in a complex mobile world (…) What do you communicate? How do you communicate? With whom do you communicate? “…. Source: pasta and vinegar

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