Path Finder v4

Rumor has it that Apple’s next OS X update, code named Leopard, will have tabs in it to make for easier navigation and less clutter. As this feature has changed how we surf the Web, it’s sure to alter how we move around from folder to folder on our Mac. If you’re not a lucky developer or engineer at Apple and want to start using this feature now, then you’ll need to head over to Cocoatech’s site and download Path Finder.

Path Finder has the tabs that work just like they do in Firefox, Safari, or Camino. Each tab can hold views of different places you have navigated to on your hard drive or network allowing you to go to another tab and go elsewhere without having to open a new window. If you’re looking to move or copy a file from that new tab that you just opened to your other tab, not a problem. Drag and drop! Simply pick up the file with the mouse, hold it over the other tab, and then drop it to the folder you want it to go to like you would on the regular Finder. What a timesaver and a way to keep the clutter down! When you make that copy or move, the progress indicator gives you much more information than just how much time you’ve got to go for completion with such information as total file size, how much has been transferred, total amount of files being processed, and how much time is left.

Other great features are Drop Stack (a temporary holder for files), trash can on the Desktop, Stuffit Engine integration, as well as instant file system updates. The last feature may be worth the $34.95 price alone as changing permissions in OS X never show up in Finder unless you log out or force quit the Finder to refresh the changes. Path Finder not only instantly shows those changes but it makes them much easier to alter in it’s Get Info dialog box by allowing you to click a Read, Write, and Execute button for either the user, group, or other. It even shows you the UNIX number display set (775, for example).

As already mentioned, Path Finder is a bit steep in price, but man, this thing is powerful. We mean powerful! SvenOnTech will have to add this to the review counter as more people need to know about this wonderfully powerful Finder replacement!

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