Play a Song from iTunes By Scanning Its Barcode

So you still have your CD cases all lying around the living room? Kinda like showing off those pretty liner notes, I guess. Huh? Well there is consequences with that my friend. What if while showing off that Beatles 65 CD your friend says, “Oh wow, I didn’t know you could get all these songs in stereo. Let’s play it now!” What do you do? Open iTunes, search the album title, start playing. Lots of typing. Or you can pull out your $80 barcode reader, scan the UPC code, and bingo, the album starts playing. Nice, huh?

That’s exactly what Mark Liyanage’s software, iTunes CD Barcode, does. Since there is no central database on the Internet with this information that can input this information, you’re kinda stuck entering the long codes in yourself. However, once you have them all entered, you’re good to go and can safely show off all your CDs without fear of having to type in all those letters to bring up some classic jams. :)

PS: I’m not sure why anyone would still use up valuable home space for storing their CDs after being ripped, but hey, to each their own. :) All my 1,500+ CDs are stored in boxes in the attic.

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