IBM’s Stallings: Mainframes Opening New Markets

Wow, mainframes. It’s not something that you really hear much about anymore. But Stallings from IBM is working to change that and also explains how they are coming into focus in emerging markets.

With the release in April of the z9 Business Class mainframe, IBM announced that it saw not only the midrange as a key market for its high-end computers, but also emerging markets like China, where the announcement was made. The moves were the latest in a push by IBM to keep its System z mainframes not only relevant, but vital. Along those lines, IBM also has rolled out “specialty engines” designed for specific workloads, from Linux and Java to databases. It’s worked to some extent so far, with IBM showing continued growth in MIPS shipped, and with officials downplaying an accompanying slowdown in revenue growth.

For the last three-plus months, the job of continuing the mainframe initiative has been under the direction of Jim Stallings, an IBM veteran who most recently oversaw open standards, intellectual property income and Linux for Big Blue. In an interview with eWEEK Senior Editor Jeffrey Burt, Stallings talked about the search for new mainframe business, the focus on security and the programs to bring new blood into the mainframe world…. Source: eWeek

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