Does the Mac Offer Any Heavenly Bible Software?

Many PC users think the Mac is void of many applications that swim plenty in the sea of Windows software. As discussed here by SvenOnTech and those of you that have left comments, truth is you can usually find a Windows equivalent version for the Mac. Yes, it’s not always the case but usually those instances are of programs that are either niche applications or from a small software vendor.

One such category of software many think is barren of in the Mac world is Bible software. Walk into any computer or Christian store and you’ll find a bountiful of Windows bases applications. QuickVerse, the most popular offering for Windows, can easily be found in any of these stores yet even though FindEx has a Mac version (in Universal Binary no doubt!), you’d never know it.

QuickVerse isn’t the only Bible offering for the Mac, either. Another excellent, if not possibly the best Bible software period, offering is from OakTree Software called Accordance Bible. The founder of OakTree, Roy Brown, coded one of the first Bible programs for the Mac, ThePerfectWord, back in 1988. It was bought from Brown and then renamed MacBible but is no longer available. (In fact, Zondervan’s support site for the product suggests you visit OakTree’s web site for Bible software.) Accordance Bible is not your average Bible software as its power is unrivaled. Brown’s idea when he started work on Accordance Bible in the early 90s was to create something powerful for pastors and Bible scholars. The first time I saw it at MacWorld three years ago, the immense power of it made me blurt out, “Wow!” It is purely incredible. But with power comes cost. Dodge Vipers aren’t cheap and neither is Accordance Bible. But again, wow!

If you’re wanting to go the poor route, then there is one donate-ware alternative that seems the best. MacSword is based off the open-source sword project and allows for hundreds of free modules to work with it. While not the most powerful and easy to use Bible software for your Mac, keep thinking of how much it costs. Ya, it’s nice. Very nice.

There really hasn’t been much said on this category or even reviewed for that matter. We did find one really good review; however, it’s over three years old and includes references to programs that no longer exist. The article is a good read and is a good foundation resource if you’re looking for the right Bible software product for your Mac. SvenOnTech hopes to have a review off one of the three talked about above (or all of them) within the coming months. So stay tuned for that if you’re still looking.

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