ReviewLinux.Com: Our First Look at Mandriva One 2006 LiveCD

I’m sorry to report that Mandriva (Mandrake) has never really “wowed” me enough to drip SuSE. Still, there are some strengths to be noted…

This is ReviewLinux.Com first look athe the new and free Mandriva One 2006 LiveCD. Mandriva formerly know as Mandrake has been around for years. They have always produced a great product and support the Linux Community with many free distributions.

The Mandriva One ISO was easy to get from any of the Mandriva FTP mirror sites. Once the CDR was created we were excited to see what this single disc distribution could do…

Once the CD had booted you are given the usual screen that then loads the Linux kernel. We forgot to mention one thing, what we really like about this distro is the fact that you can first try it out on your hardware before installing. This is probably the most important thing in all new distributions like Ubuntu and so on is the fact thaqt you can try it before you install it… Source: ReviewLinux


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