Design: Where Do I Go From Here?

Sometimes all we need is a little input to set us straight. In the case below, one hobbyist Web designer seeks some advice. Can you be of some help?

I work full-time. In my spare time I help lead a youth ministry at my local church. Between this and everyday life, there is little time for website design. But its something I love. As may be evident from the hundreds of hours I have poured into GameSecretary.Com amongst other sites.
Now I’ve hit a bit of a block in the road and would request the opinion of others who may be more experienced or simply have a different perspective. I feel my questions and the answers provided by you will be of use to many other developers who are in a similar boat to me.
So, let’s get on with the questions:
1. If you had to recommend three resources that a webmaster should read, what would they be (note, this person is already experienced with design, so it shouldn’t be newbie stuff but it should also be accessible, not overly technical)?
2. What would you consider the best way for a hobbyist webmaster to create an attractive site layout (e.g. for GameSecretary) while remembering that this individual has no artistic skills?
3. What other wisdom can you share for the hobbyist webmaster to optimize his precious time?
4. Should a developer who is a hobbyist read articles or simply attempt to plow through? Remember that s/he has limited time available, and reading can oftentimes cause the individual not to have any time for actual development.
Thanks for your thoughts. I look forward to hearing them and hope others will find them useful as well. Source:

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