Novell brands its own open-source religion

I have often times found Novell’s take on open source software to be interesting. They just have this way of taking what others might see as mundane and turning it into something that many types of people enjoy. Their latest efforts appears to follow this theme…

Novell is readying two major product launches meant to make its open-source software more palatable to corporate customers.

Later this month, Novell will officially unveil Bandit, an open-source identity management project that was quietly started earlier this year, Chief Technology Officer Jeff Jaffe told CNET

Then in July, Novell will ship a major upgrade to its Linux desktop suite, called Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, Jaffe said.

The initiatives, along with enhancements to Novell’s Linux server operating system, are meant to ramp up Novell’s revenue from open-source software and position the company as an alternative to Microsoft.

But rather than take on Microsoft across the board, Novell is picking areas it thinks are ready for adoption by a significant number of users within corporations, Jaffe said.

“With all due respect to the zealots of open source, it’s not going to win the game if it’s not focused on (enterprise) customer needs,” he said…. Source: CNET


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