MonoCalendar: A cross-platform open source iCal clone

Do we really need another Open Source calender? I tend to think not myself, personally. I mean, hasn’t this been done to death?

Perhaps instead, they have something else in mind? Maybe, just maybe there will be some new concept that will change calenders forever? Eh maybe not. I think it has been done to death – pure and simple. But that is just my take on the matter.

I’ve never used iCal, but I’ve never met a Mac owner who doesn’t. Since iCal is Mac-only, Borja Sanchez Zamorano decided to create a clone in .NET that runs on Windows or Linux using Mono called MonoCalendar (get it?). “Clone” might not be entirely fair, since Zamorano says “MonoCalendar does not try to be a iCal substitute,” but rather a substitute for the Macless. MonoCalendar seems to be making rapid progress and sure looks like iCal, so if you’ve been looking for a calendar app that feels like iCal, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. Source: download squad


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