Everyone’s an Editor as Wiki Fever Spreads to Shopping Sites

Not generally a big NY Times fan, but this article definitely caught my eye. Explore if you will as they take a dip into the world of the wiki-shopping experience….

Millions of people have lent their wisdom or their perceived wisdom, at least to Wikipedia’s online articles, helping to make it one of the more talked-about Web sites in recent years. Now Amazon.com and the people who built the online advertising pioneer DoubleClick are hoping millions more will wax authoritative about toasters, fondue pots and lawn mowers.

ShopWiki.com, developed by two DoubleClick founders, officially introduced its site last week after several months of testing, while Amazon pulled the “beta” tag off its own wiki offering earlier this month (Amazon’s ProductWikis or invitations to write them are found on product pages below customer reviews). Both take a page from Wikipedia, where online denizens may write on any subject and also overwrite anyone else’s comments if they think they can do better, or if they are just feeling ornery.

A wiki, as defined by Wikipedia, is a “type of Web site that allows anyone visiting the site to add, to remove, or otherwise to edit all content, very quickly and easily.” The name is drawn from a Hawaiian term meaning quick or fast, Wikipedia says…. Source NY Times

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