Podcast: Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps

Man, I really wish I could have attended this event at SXSW. To sit in on a discussion about the future of Web based apps would have quite interesting to take in as the conversation moved forward.

I had a great time moderating a panel at South by Southwest this year. The subject was web applications — specifically the changes we’ve seen recently in the new technologies, design directions, and economic factors of building stuff online. So I asked some really smart people to join me to discuss what’s been happening and what they’ve been thinking about. Thanks again to George Oates from Flickr, Mena Trott from SixApart, Eric Rodenbeck from Stamen Design, and Evan Williams from Odeo.

Here are the notes I prepared before the panel. We didn’t get through it all; we could have kept going all afternoon. At the bottom, there are links to the slides I showed and a podcast at the SxSW site.

We’re here to talk about the shift towards new types of interactivity in Web apps. Well, not so much new but newly popular. I’d like to discuss the implications of these shifts in some of the basic way we develop our applications. In particular:

Amateurization: The web has excelled at putting powerful tools in the hands of amateurs. Look at blogging, for example. It has removed the friction in publishing to the point of making it a commodity; I hardly ever pay for the words I read these days. How does that change the relationship between “producer” and “consumer” in the work we do? Source: Jeffery Veen

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