Dell CTO: Virtualization can set Linux free

This is basically true, although I am not sure I dig the single mindedness of the statement. While Virtualization is powerful, let’s not start building statues just yet.

Virtualization and Linux (Overview, Articles, Company) together can play a strong role in both the enterprise and on the client side, said Kevin Kettler, chief technology officer of Dell (Profile, Products, Articles) Inc. in his keynote Wednesday at the Linuxworld Expo and Conference in Boston.

“Linux is bound by traditional operating system-to-platforms ties, and virtualization can set it free. Virtualization opens up opportunities for unique software applications and environments to reside on a single platform,” Kettler said.

While the concept of virtualization is not new, it is attracting renewed interest because of technological advances such as the emergence of multicore processors, forthcoming multiple-resource I/O capabilities and virtualization technologies built into next-generation processors from Advanced Micro Devices (Profile, Products, Articles) Inc. and Intel (Profile, Products, Articles) Corp., Kettler said.

“There’s a significant shift in the industry relative to where we were a few years ago with virtualization,” Kettler said. Source: InfoWorld

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