Microsoft’s Adobe rivals due after Vista

OK, so perhaps Adobe can breathe easy for a little while longer? As it turns out, we will not be seeing Microsoft’s answer to Adobe products until Vista ships. And since this date keeps changing, I believe Adobe has little to worry about.

Microsoft will step up its assault on Adobe Systems’ customer base with the release early next year of its Expression line of design and development software.

The three-product Expression suite, aimed at graphics designers and illustrators, will be available early next year–about 60 to 90 days after Windows Vista ships, said Forest Key, director of product management for Microsoft Expression designer tools.

Key also said the first version, or community technology preview, of Expression Web Designer will be available in June. That product is for building Web sites with JavaScript and other Web technologies.

Adobe has long supplied its programs, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, to designers and graphic artists. Through its acquisition of Macromedia, Adobe gained Web-authoring software, notably the Flash product line. Source:

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