Boeing Readies New Luxury 787 for Release

Most travelers fly the Boeing 737 and the 747 when they take to the air. It’s been a long while since Boeing has released any plane of great significance like the 747 and now in production is its answer for all the Airbus buying commercial airlines called the 787 Dreamliner.

The new unique high curving ceiling gives a sense of open space which will help with the claustrophobic feeling one gets on long flights. Boeing states the Dreamliner will improve the experience of flying with higher humidity, finer air quality, “lower cabin altitude”, as well as a smoother and quieter flight. The new cabin also features LED lighting that simulates a night sky to aid in sleeping for longer trips as well as creating the effect of a wide open sky above passengers heads during the “day”.

With larger windows, measuring 19-inches tall and 10.3-inches wide, it’ll be a dream to look out your window while in flight. If the sun is a bit too bright for you, no need to pull a shade down on the new large windows as a push of a button will darken the electrochromatic windows.

One of the new airliners features is what Boeing calls IFE. Short for In Flight Entertainment, the system provided by Panasonic is a wireless entertainment setup that reduces weight and allows, “passengers to easily conduct business and access entertainment while in flight.”

Like the 747, there will be various models of the flag ship Boeing with the 787-8 being the most common at airports around the world. The 787-8 excels at being efficient in fuel while carrying 223 passengers up to a distance of 8,500 nautical miles. The 787-9 is a bit larger then the -8 model which can fly 259 passengers with only take a 200 nautical miles hit.

The once named 7E7 Dreamliner already has a few hundred orders from airlines around the world with only one American airline, Northwest, fulfilling an order request. With production already in progress and the first flight coming next year, it won’t be too long before you hop onto Ethiopian Airlines and be stunned that a North African country once marred in complete poverty would have a better plane then American Airlines.

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