MacBook Pro Going to Be Another iMac Intel with Poor Sales?

To most everyones surprise, the new Intel iMacs are not doing too well in sales. At least not as well as Apple had hoped. Why? Lots of speculation is floating around but after just releasing an update just before Christmas, it didn’t seem like the iMacs would be hard to keep on the shelves. Look at MacWorld, the buzz was for the MacBook Pro, not the iMac.

So how are pre-sales doing for the next generation Apple Macintosh notebook? SvenOnTech called five major Apple Stores around the nation and we received varying stats. Most Apple retail stores are suggesting to pre-order the MacBook Pro online and not in the store. San Francisco will put those that request on a waiting list and will then call them once the store receives actual MacBook Pros in. When we asked the San Francisco store how those where going, we were told, “Pretty good. Several orders this week alone were made.” We got a different response from the other coast when the New York (SoHo) store told us that they were, “Not getting much pre-orders in the store but lots of people are talking about it.” Again, since pre-orders are only done online, we believe the SoHo store to meant the reserve list.