Firefox Calculator

Sometimes it is nice to be able to pull up a calculator when you need it. Sure, Windows comes with a calculator, but can you get to it quicker than you can find a real one? I think not. The Firefox calculator extension provides you with a powerful and easy to find “numbers machine” you will love.

So what is this calculating goodness from Firefox all about?

What is Calculator? Calculator is an extension for Mozilla and Firefox. It has an interface similar to Microsoft Powertoy Calculator. And it’s a great open source replacement to the calculator included in Windows accessories.

Sure there aren’t many ways you can reinvent the calculator, but it does come with some nice standard features. Some of the features of this calculator extension are: history of calculations, many conversion functions, print calculations, easy to use interface, many functions and more.

This extension is for Firefox 1.5 at least, because I didn’t see any other versions mentioned on the Web site for the extension in question. If you want to pick it up and try it out for yourself, you can do so at the Web site.