New Sensors Help Stop Terrorists From Shipping In Nukes

One of the largest fears Homeland Security has is the amount of unchecked shipped items that enter our seaports and airports around the country. Too much comes in too fast and it makes it very difficult to check even just a small amount. Technology is what is going to be needed to continue protecting our nation and Innovative American Technology Inc. hopes its new CBRNE Sensor System will help with this difficult task.

The newly tested and purchased sensors, "are supported by a central software platform that provides identification and tracking of radiological isotopes, chemical and biological material and explosives." The tested sensors were used on railroad, air-cargo, and truck trailers.

"The real power of the distributed sensor system from Innovative American Technology is the revolutionary spectral analysis software. This proprietary advanced pattern recognition system can learn the spectroscopic signature of radiation, chemical, biological and explosive materials for rapid recognition of trace levels," says Dr. John Caulfield, chief technology officer of IAT.

High hopes ride on this new technology from IAT to protect our nation from any more senseless attacks from those who desire to harm us.

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