Design In Theory and Practice

I don’t like the title of this entry and article, but there isn’t anything better. Sometimes you have to use fancier words than you want. Anyway, Design in Theory and Practice looks at resolution, designing for browser, Web-safe color, graphics compression, and text.

Even after all this time, designers still ask and wonder what screen resolution to design for. Think it’s time we moved beyond 800×600? According to the article, now only 28% use that resolution and have moved on up. So you have a total of 32% of the population using the smaller resolutions (5% from the unknown or smaller group) with /- a couple of percentage points, I’m sure. I don’t have a strong opinion either way though experts say to test 800×600 whenever testing design.

Wow! I love the current browser distribution numbers. Who has the #1browser isn’t important to me… but the fact that people are learning to pick what works best for them is what matters. I am glad to see competition and I hope it stays that way as it encourages browser makers to build better browsers.

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