Take it with you

A humorous reminder of just how out of touch the mainstream media really can be. Today, we look at the wonders of owning a notebook PC over the desktop. o be fair, maybe I am being too harsh here. On second thought…

You probably already use a desktop, but today’s full-featured laptops make a handy addition to any startup–especially if you’ll be traveling anytime soon. You might want to feel the wind in your hair, heed the call of the open road or see a laptop warming the airplane tray table in front of you. Whether you need to fly to exotic locales, attend a trade show in Cincinnati or just trundle down to your local Wi-Fi-equipped coffee shop, a notebook computer is your ticket to computing on the go. A laptop can increase your flexibility and productivity–and when you’re working to grow your business, you need as much of both of those as you can get. [Read the rest]

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