XM Pops on Some 5.1 Surround Sound

Howard comes to Sirius in just a week or so but hold out a little longer you XM listeners and you’ll soon be able to get your classical and free-form music in pure digital 5.1 surround sound. Yes, that means you’ll need to get new equipment in order to enjoy that wall of sound coming from everywhere. Hardware manufacturers Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., and Yamaha will all have home audio units available to enjoy XM’s Fine Tuning (XM Channel 76) and XM Pops (XM Channel 113) in March. XM has teamed up with Neural Audio to make this advancement possible.

“XM is the first radio company — satellite or terrestrial — to broadcast 5.1 Surround Sound on the radio 24 hours a day,” said Hugh Panero, XM President and CEO. “Terrestrial radio stations are just starting to convert from analog to digital. XM has been broadcasting in digital format since the day we launched in 2001, and now we are taking another leap forward with the introduction of 5.1 Surround in partnership with Neural Audio. XM HD Surround is the latest example of the technological edge that has made XM the number-one satellite radio company.”

XM Radio will demonstrate its new HD 5.1 Surround technology at CES at booth #4606 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 5th to the 8th.