Make Firefox

Everybody has tried at least once. Some people like it, and some people find it confusing. There is no doubt that a Firefox extension would play a good part here in making it easier to use for everybody out there. That is what this Firefox extension does.

So what is Google tells us, “ is social bookmarking, social software web service for storing and sharing web bookmarks. The site came online in late 2003 and was developed by Joshua Schachter, co-maintainer of Memepool. According to Everything posted to is publicly viewable; it is not a tool for storing private bookmark collections. Many people use to publish ‘linkblogs’ on their weblogs.”

Here is what the author has to say about this Firefox extension:

The extension for Firefox offers everything you need to seamlessly integrate the service with your Firefox browser. Included in the extension are two buttons which allow you to easily post items to, and access your saved items from

In addition to the buttons, the extension allows for right-click posting functionality. A menu is also installed which allows for quick access to common pages on as well as keyboard shortcuts. The extension also installs the search plug-in right into the existing Firefox search toolbar.

This extension is for Firefox versions 1.0 – 1.5 and once you install it, you will not find an easier way to sink the functionality of with your everyday life.