Safe Rooms Go Higher-Tech

Updated versions of the ’60s bomb shelters called ‘safe’ rooms have already made their way into popular culture via movies and TV. FEMA will even tell you how to make one. But none of the limited-purpose retrofits have the high-tech style of the U.S. Bunker version. Its spaceship looks won’t fit with your average neighborhood, but if the neighbors might complain, you can get a version to bury in your back yard or mount on the bottom of your pool.

The bunkers are truly multi-purpose with a list of options too long to give here. They provide protection against a wide range of disasters both natural and man-made. No doubt you can use break-away moorings in the event of an ice age. You can put one virtually anywhere a CH-47 Chinook Helicopter can reach. If your family needs more than 75 square feet of living space, you’d better have a large extended family… Larger sizes of the bunker are only available on orders of 20 or more and must be constructed on site. Shown in white, blue, NASA silver, or camo.

[Craig E. Pepmiller]

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