Symantec Norton Ghost 10.0 (upgrade/competitive): FREE

Symantec Norton Ghost 10.0 (upgrade/competitive): FREEGet the Norton Ghost 10.0 software for Free after two rebates that total $60. PopDeal has more info below.

From PopDeal

Use a couple of rebates totalling $60 to get the Symantec Norton Ghost 10.0 upgrade/competitive for Free. Rebates expire Nov. 26, 2005.

Rebate form 1
Rebate form 2

Ghost 9.0 recieved an Editorís Choice award at PCMag with a 4.5/5 star review.


Save the stuff you care about with the new Norton Ghost. From digital photos and music files to tax documents and personal journals, Norton Ghost 10.0 stores away the things you hold dear. In fact, it automatically backs up everything on your computerófrom music and photos to settings and applications. That means you can go about your business worry-free, knowing your most prized digital items are protected from loss…

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