Sound Studio 3: A Great Compromise for Podcasters

When I started podcasting with my Mac I used Audacity, a freeware program for recording the podcast. But when I upgraded to Tiger, Audacity and Tiger did not play well together and I was experiencing more then my share of crashes. I was not comfortable using Garageband because of the lack of post production capabilities. After spending a month of so trying very expensive programs, ($200.00-$500.00) I finally decided on spending the $199.00 and getting Sound Track Pro from Apple.

I am happy with the recording and mixing and post production capabilities of STP, but I should have looked a little harder. Sound Studio 3 would have been a great choice and at a lot less money then I paid for Sound Track Pro. Freeverse took over Sound Studio from Felt Tip software and is now selling the new version 3 for $79.95. Sound Studio 3 is as simple to understand and use as Audacity was and it has many of the advanced filters, effects and editing capabilities of the big boys.

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