Free Outlook Voice E-mail Is Here

The same guys who have recently launched Skylook, the cool Outlook-based Skype recorder, have given me the honour of uncovering first its latest free audio recording and messaging tool that is being released today: WaxMail.

With WaxMail, you can start replying to your Outlook e-mails via your own voice. At no additional cost.

WaxMail adds a super-simple mini-toolbar to your Windows Outlook which enables you to record, with a one-click operation, a voice-based reply to any e-mail.

The recorded message is immediately embedded in your reply as an .MP3 file and sent out along with it with maximum simplicity.

As an example and intro to this new cool tool, here is the WaxMail voice mail attachment I received this morning from Jeremy Hague in Australia.

Listen to the audio and read the details about this new tool.

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