There are a lot of Firefox extensions out there that bring Firefox together with another program or another idea. Think of it like mashing together two ideas and making them into one. FireFTP is one of those ideas. What is FireFTP? It brings the worlds of browsing the Internet and FTP clients together as one.

Now personally, I am very picky about what I use and don’t use as my own personal FTP client. There are a lot out there and a lot of them do the same thing. The interesting thing here is breeding Firefox and FTP into one big program.

Here is what the developers have to say about it:

Introducing fireFTP, a cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers. NOTE: This program is still in ‘beta’ meaning that while it works just fine, it is still in development and there are still features and improvements to be made.

Since it is still in beta, I don’t know if I would rely on it to be my default FTP client. It does have a lot of promise and I’ll be interested in seeing how it develops in the future. Want to see FTP in a new light? Then go give FireFTP a shot.