Web Tracks Eraser

Hey, let’s be clear about something. Just because a person wants to make sure that their PC is kept free of tracking information does not mean that they have something to hide. They might just be someone who values their privacy. With this in mind, here is yet another app showing promise with your privacy in mind…

When you browse the Web, your computer tracks all your activities. All these tracks are stored to your hard disk. Anyone who can touch your computer can know the web pages you have visited, images and videos you have ever seen.

If you do not want leave any internet tracks on the hard drive after internet browsing, then you need Web tracks eraser. It is a free tool that clears the web tracks safely and completely with only one click

Web tracks eraser works with Internet Explorer and Windows data files. It is a unique internet eraser software that doesn’t require reboot Windows to erase index.dat files! [Download the program]

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