TranslatorMaestro provides a very powerful yet simple way to update files, and will be of great interest to editors, translators, business people, and programmers. The extensive API (Application Programming Interface) will be of great value in removing tedious tasks from such users’ lists of things to do.

Also, the file editor helps you to make individual, specific replacements, and edit files directly. Find and replace with powerful wildcards across hundreds of file types. Swap your translator files with colleagues. Save development time by updating programming code swiftly. Business people, writers, and editors can view each file separately and find and replace individual words or phrases. Once you know what you want to replace, you can easily do so across many files by using the file editor’s next file buttons. Or create a new translator file to carry out the replacements even more quickly. TranslatorMaestro saves you time and money by carrying out tedious chores and repetitive tasks quickly, simply, and powerfully.

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