Spyware Users and Author of Jealous Lover “Lover Spy” Spyware Program Indicted

Jealous Lover “Lover Spy” spyware author Carlos Enrique Perez-Melara has been arrested and indicted for creating and distributing the “Lover Spy” program, also known as a “jealous lover” program. Lover Spy allowed jealous lovers and others to remotely monitor and read the online communications, such as email, of their targets.

It also allowed them to monitor their target’s movements across the web by reporting on what websites they visited, and other similar details.

The Lover Spy jealous lover program was transmitted to the user’s target when they would send their target, usually an ex-spouse or ex-lover, what appeared to be a harmless online greeting card. When their victim would open the “card”, the Lover Spy software would be installed on their computer without their knowledge.

The charges against Perez-Melara include “manufacturing, sending and advertising a surreptitious interception device and unauthorized access to protected computers.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Because Melara’s customers have also been arrested…

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