The Galaxy Implodes

Yes, you can make a difference, especially in the MMORPG world. A patch was released for Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars Galaxies introduced some very unpopular changes to the fundamentals of the game. A Sony press release read:

“The display of experience was altered in order to minimize the notification of individual experience grants, and emphasize the notification of group experience bonus percentages. Since individual experience grants on a per-kill basis decline as group size increases, but the group bonus percentage increases as your group-size increases, we want to place the emphasis on the increasing bonus for grouping rather than on the decreasing individual experience awards.”

These changes caused many players to complain quite loudly. They complained so much that SOE announced that it would restore the way experience was calculated.

The discussion thread on the official Galaxies forum has reached epic proportions: 300 pages and over 7,500 posts.

A lesson to those who will create a virtual world around a popular franchise: donít screw with the fundamentals of the game, otherwise youíll face the wrath of the gaming community.

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