How to Use JMS with PHP

OK, this likely sounds like a pretty labor intensive sort of deal. Heck, I guess in some ways it could be seen that way. I believe however, that after reading the article below…getting JMS and PHP to work together will not be quite so bad.

JMS (Java Messaging Service) is an interface implemented by most J2EE containers in order to provide point-to-point queuing and topic-based (publish/subscribe) functionality. JMS is frequently used by enterprise and back-end applications for distributed communication and collaboration. PHP is a powerful scripting language popular for use with Apache’s CGI facility. Although efforts are being made to develop PHP as a back-end scripting language, its use is still very much confined to front-end applications. Combining the strengths of PHP–easy and fast web development, and compatibility with many types of databases–with those of JMS, which is the standard for communication with back-end enterprise applications, creates a powerful and easy-to-use tool for both Java and PHP developers. [Read the rest]

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