Sharewood New Media Picks of the Week

New media picks of the week is my weekly basket of tasty resources, tools and services that I have run into, have accidentally discovered or been pointed to by other new media scouts and bloggers, or have read about in articles, RSS feeds and newsletters I subscribe to.

Try for yourself, download, install and amaze yourself with some of these great new resources and tools. Here is my new basket of weekly selected new media gems:

  1. Video clip hosting, distribution and auto-streaming service
  2. News social bookmarking community
  3. Video upload and BitTorrent distribution service
  4. Agency selling brokering amateur shots and video clips to mainstream media outlets
  5. Service enabling musicians to get supporter-based financing for their music
  6. Gallery of best Apple-related Quicktime movie clips
  7. Social networking meets location tagging
  8. Translation exchange community service
  9. RSS aggregation and tagging technology
  10. Google-guided tour to the Moon landing sites
  11. RSS Automated Submission Service

Here they are:

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