“Hooking Up” – Television Show About Online Dating

There’s something almost laterally recursive about a television show which is about online dating. That in itself seems kind of lame. But there it is, and apparently ABC decided it was a worthy topic, as they aired their “Hooking Up” ABC News Special last night.

hank goodness we have this kind of real, gritty reporting to keep us abreast of the times, times where, apparently, the worst of our world problems are not being able to get a date online.

“Hooking Up” followed the trevails of four women trying to.. you know… hook up, online. Things didn’t go particularly well, because, well, becauase if they had gone well it wouldn’t have made for good tv, right?

And let’s face it, the Internet is the dating woman’s oyster, right fellows? I mean, if you think it’s hard for women in online dating, just try being a man in the onlien dating world. Am I right, guys?

Anyways, lamer still is a service which helps you write your online dating profile. But Aunty came across the info, and offers it here just in case someone here needs it…

[“Hooking Up” – Television Show About Online Dating, Continued]

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