The Perfect Library Blog Example

Anytime anyone refers to something as the ‘perfect example’, that has got to be flattering. But as I look through this person’s notes, I would have to agree with their statement.

The Librarian in Black points to the Ann Arbor District Librarys redesigned web site, which includes the addition of blogs (including a Directors Blog!) and RSS feeds. It looks like posts from all of the blogs appear on the home page, with a link back to the rest of that subjects blog. Looking at the site right now, there are six posts on the home page. Amazingly, five of those posts have patron comments attached to them, and not just a couple of comments either. The count is 17, 6, 18 58, and 19! How many paper comments have your patrons left so far this month? Compare.

The AADL blogs do it all right. The posts are written in the first person and in a conversational tone, with the authors first name to help stress the people in the library. The staff isnt afraid to note problems with the new catalog, the web site, or anything else. Full transparency nice. You can feel the level of trust building online. They respond to every comment that needs it, whether its a criticism, question, or suggestion. And some of the comments are fantastic. Users are even helping debug the new catalog. Heres a sampling: [Read the rest]

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