Top Tip: Hard disk migration?

If you are leaning toward a hard drive migration of your own, you might find this article interesting. This is especially true if have not tried going down this road yourself.

Question from ambarcapoor
“I am inexplicably out of space on my hard drives! Might have to do with all the video and music files! I have decided to buy a new hard drive, either a 160GB or 250GB internal drive or a 120GB external drive. My question is this, i know with the external drive i can simply plug it in and copy the other drives over, Right?? How does it work on the internal drive? Also, if i decide that i want to make the new internal drive my primary drive how do i go about doing that without crashing my system and confusing it?

1. Which do you think is better, internal or external? I know i can get twice the drive internally for the cost factor.

2. What are the steps required to port the non-primary drives over to the internal drive? Does it recognise it as a new drive etc.

3. What are the steps and requirements to make it the primary boot drive?”

Answer from melloe
“First off, the music and Video cannot all be needed to accessed all the time, so I would go with am external, but would not stop there. I would get my OS off the old 40 gig, probably slow, ATA 100 drive, and on to the big drive 100 ig you have( after the files are moved ). But that is just me. If your OS is XP, that would probably require reactivation.

Alternatively, and for less money, but more flexibility IMO, you could buy a mobile carrier, and put the huge drive in it. When that drive is full, which will happen eventually, you just buy another and a cage to put in the carrier, pull the old drive out in its cage, and start filling another. If you needed something off the old 300 gig, you just pull out the new one and plug in the old one ( with the power off of course unless you want to spring for hot swap. Heck in a few years you could have a pile of drives you could plug in ( its a joke Son ). [Read the rest]

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